Barriguard Face Shield Visor - EN166 Certified copy 290719


Product Description:

Barriguard's fully-certified face shield offers industry-leading levels of protection to the face and eyes from airborne viruses and pathogens.  

Our disposable face shields are manufactured from superior-quality optically clear PET [Highest Grade] with a premium anti-fog coating for maximum visibility.  The soft elastic strap and PU foam headband provide additional, long-term comfort and durability.  In addition, the 'no-gap' headband design gives further protection to the wearer from air and liquid entry.

Barriguard's lightweight disposable face shield offers all-day comfort to key frontline workers with it's soft foam headband and elasticated strap.  The mask can be worn with or without PPE such as prescription or protective eyewear and face masks.  It's filled top ensures total facial protection for wearers from splashing or spraying.

The UK-made disposable face shield is created from medical grade materials, is CE marked and fully certified to BS EN166:2002.  With a soft PU foam headband and optical grade PET film, this face shield will ensure optimum all-day comfort and premium practicality for wearers.