Dependaplast Fabric Plasters



Heavyweight fabric stretch plasters.
Excellent strength traditional adhesive.
Sterile and individually wrapped.

Fabric plasters x 10 boxes of 100 units each.

Advanced Fabric Range

Now lighter-weight, made from modern hi-tech and extra flexible fabrics that are more comfortable, conformable, wash proof and easy to wear. The elastic fabric stretches in all directions, ideal for covering joints and skin folds with ease and comfort. The fabric coated with a hydrophilic polymer making it water repellent and wash proof.

 The new super-sticky zinc oxide adhesive ensures that Dependaplast Fabric Plasters remain stuck firmly in place. The adhesive comes cleanly away, avoiding unsightly plaster marks being left on the skin. Dependaplast plasters offer a full and comprehensive range of the most popular shapes and sizes.

 Plasters are now neatly packed in a variety of boxes, allowing for clear, easy access, and because the boxes are smaller, save on storage too. Ideal for refilling first aid kits or to keep as backup supplies. All Dependaplast plasters are latex-free with a Rayon wound contact layer.

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