Dependaplast Blue Plasters



Superb low-allergy adhesive.
Sterile, wrapped and metal detectable.
Exceptionally soft and flexible material.
Latex free.

Includes 10 boxes of 100 plasters each.

Blue Plaster Range.

 Whilst incorporating all of the modern features of Dependaplast Wash proof Plasters, the Dependaplast Blue Plaster range provides a bright blue colouration that makes them instantly visually detectable should it accidentally come into contact with food.

An aluminium strip located behind the dressing pad is clearly detectable to metal detection devices in food processing facilities. Dependaplast plasters offer a full and comprehensive range of the most popular shapes and sizes. Plasters are now neatly packed in a variety of boxes, allowing for clear, easy access, and because the boxes are smaller, save on storage too. Ideal for refilling first aid kits or to keep as backup supplies. 

All Dependaplast plasters are latex-free with a Rayon wound contact layer.

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