Manual Handling Training


Option 1: HABC Level 2 Award in Principles for Manual Handling
Option 2: HABC Level 2 Award in Manual Handling – Principles and Practice

Course Description

Manual handling injuries are the main cause of lost working days in the UK. These injuries occur due to sprains and strains resulting from the incorrect lifting and moving of objects. In accordance with the health and Safety at Work Act (1974) and subsequent Regulations it is the responsibility of all employers to provide employees with sufficient information and training on manual handling. By training an employee to achieve a manual handling qualification you have an effective way of ensuring you have taken the necessary  due diligence to ensure that your staff are adequately trained.

To give you maximum flexibility it can be delivered as a half-day programme for learners who only wish to gain the HABC Level 2 Award in Principles of Manual Handling. Those who need to learn about practical manual handling techniques should stay on for a further half-day training session and assessment to gain the full HABC Level 2 Award in Manual Handling – Principles and Practice.

Course Content

Typically the Syllabus includes the following subjects:

  • Identify and understand the risks associated with manual handling
  • Learn the value of risk assessment and how to apply it
  • Make recommendations to manage risks
  • Apply the principles of safer handling to a range of everyday manual handling tasks

Ofqual Regulated
Ofqual Qualification Number 501/2001/3

Course Duration

Option 1 is delivered over half a day (3 hours)
Option 2 is delivered over a full day (6 hours)

Course Outcome

Successful candidates will receive a certificate awarded by HABC upon course completion. Suggested progression to Level 3 Award for Health & Safety in the Workplace. Dont leave your manual handling to chance get trained by the professionals, call Apple Safety SErvices today on 01270 258403 or email us at and secure your place! This course can be delivered on or off site subject to numbers.

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