First Aid for Professional Drivers

Professional drivers first aid course

Course Description

This first aid for professional drivers course is approved by the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT) for drivers of commercial vehicles as part of their required Driver CPC periodic training. The course counts towards seven hours of the required 35 hours training and provides professional drivers with the skill sets and confidence needed to administer first aid in emergency situations while on the road.

Course Content

  • Spinal injury: responding to a casualty with suspected spinal injury
  • Unconscious casualty: recognition of life threatening conditions
  • Bleeding: responding to a casualty with minor or severe bleeding
  • Resuscitation
  • Safer handling and moving
  • Emergencies in public.

Course Duration

This is a seven hour course which can be run in one day or split over two consecutive days.

Course Outcome

Upon course completion an accredited certificate will be awarded which is valid for three years. This means drivers can re-qualify within the same five-year JAUPT period and the training hours will count separately, giving a total of 14 hours Driver CPC training towards the required total of 35.

Drivers must complete the full course to gain the seven hours towards Driver CPC.

Driver CPC regulations

EU regulations require drivers of passenger carrying vehicles (PCV) with nine or more seats, and large goods vehicles (LGV) over 3.5 tonnes, to complete 35 hours of training within rolling five year periods.

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